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DNA polymerase activity in rheumatoid synovial membranes.
  1. M Norval,
  2. M M Ogilvie,
  3. B P Marmion


    RNAase-sensitive DNA polymerase activity was demonstrated in synovial membrane preparations from 23 out of 25 rheumatoid arthritis patients. Control groups consisted of twelve patients with osteoarthrosis, four with secondary osteoarthrosis, and twelve with other conditions. The last group showed no activity, while the results with the other two groups were varied. The properties of the polymerase enzyme, such as its stimulation by synthetic templates and inhibition by actinomycin D, were not consistent with it being associated with an oncogenic virus; it seems to be more like that found in stimulated normal human lymphocytes, described as an RNA-primed DNA-directed DNA polymerase.

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