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EULAR Recommendations for the management of primary small and medium vessel vasculitis
  1. Chetan Mukhtyar
  1. University of Oxford, United Kingdom
    1. Loic Guillevin
    1. University of Paris Descartes, France
      1. Maria C Cid
      1. Hospital Clínic, Spain
        1. Bhaskar Dasgupta
        1. Southend Hospital NHS Trust, United Kingdom
          1. Kirsten de Groot
          1. Klinikum Offenbach, Germany
            1. Wolfgang Gross
            1. University Hospital of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
              1. Thomas Hauser
              1. University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland
                1. Bernhard Hellmich
                1. Kreiskrankenhaus Plochingen, Germany
                  1. David Jayne
                  1. Addenbrooke's Hospital, United Kingdom
                    1. Cees GM Kallenberg
                    1. University Medical Center Groningen, Netherlands
                      1. Peter A Merkel
                      1. Boston University School of Medicine, United States
                        1. Heiner Raspe
                        1. University of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
                          1. Carlo Salvarani
                          1. Arcispedale S Maria Nuova, Italy
                            1. David GI Scott
                            1. Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital Trust, United Kingdom
                              1. Coen Stegeman
                              1. University Medical Centre Groningen, Netherlands
                                1. Richard Watts
                                1. Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust, United Kingdom
                                  1. Kerstin Westman
                                  1. Malmo University Hospital, Sweden
                                    1. James Witter
                                    1. United States Food and Drug Administration, United States
                                      1. Hasan Yazici
                                      1. University of Istanbul, Turkey
                                        1. Raashid Luqmani (raashid.luqmani{at}
                                        1. University of Oxford, United Kingdom


                                          Objective: To develop European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR) recommendations for the management of small and medium vessel vasculitis.

                                          Methods: An expert group (consisting of 10 rheumatologists, 3 nephrologists, 2 immunologists, 2 internists representing 8 European countries and the USA, a clinical epidemiologist and a representative from a drug regulatory agency) identified ten topics for a systematic literature search using a modified Delphi technique. In accordance with standardised EULAR operating procedures, recommendations were derived for the management of small and medium vessel vasculitis. In the absence of evidence, recommendations were formulated on the basis of a consensus opinion.

                                          Results: Fifteen recommendations were made for the management of small and medium vessel vasculitis. The strength of recommendations was restricted by low quality of evidence and by EULAR standardised operating procedures.

                                          Conclusions: On the basis of evidence and expert consensus, recommendations have been made for the evaluation, investigation, treatment and monitoring of patients with small and medium vessel vasculitis for use in everyday clinical practice.

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