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A modification of the Omeract RA MRI score for erosions for use with an extremity MRI system with reduced field of view
  1. Jane E Freeston (medjef{at}
  1. University of Leeds, United Kingdom
    1. Ewa Olech
    1. University of Oklahoma, United States
      1. David Yocum
      1. Stanford University, United States
        1. Elizabeth M A Hensor
        1. University of Leeds, United Kingdom
          1. Paul Emery (p.emery{at}
          1. University of Leeds, United Kingdom
            1. Philip G Conaghan (p.conaghan{at}
            1. University of Leeds, United Kingdom


              Objectives: To develop and test the reliability of a modified version of the OMERACT RA MRI score (RAMRIS) for erosions using extremity MRI (eMRI) with reduced field of view (RAMRIS-RV).

              Methods: Using a MagneVu 0.2 T machine, the preliminary RAMRIS-RV assessed erosions in MCP joints 2-3, bases of metacarpal (MC) 2-5, and all wrist bones excluding base MC 1, pisiform and trapezium. T1 weighted images of ≥ 500 MCP and wrist bony sites from a mixed severity RA and control cohort were evaluated. An inter-reader reliability study evaluating 300 wrist and 160 MCP bony sites was then performed.

              Results: Mean % exact (and close) agreement results were as follows: MCP proximal sites 83.5 (96.2), MCP distal 54.4 (77.2), bases MC 2-4 85.2 (96.7), carpal bones 79.0 (92.1), distal radius/ulna 66.4 (87.8). The base of MCP 5 was visualised in ≤ 50% cases (13/25) and was removed from the final RAMRIS-RV.

              Conclusions: The RAMRIS-RV is a practical tool that can be used with eMRI with a reduced field of view. This study shows excellent inter-reader reliability for erosion assessment, albeit in a reduced number of bony sites.

              • RAMRIS
              • erosions
              • extremity magnetic resonance imaging
              • rheumatoid arthritis

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