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SP0188 The drugs don't work
  1. L Piggott
  1. Fibromyalgia, Nantwich, United Kingdom


This presentation will depict the journey of Louise, a previous school teacher and a single mother of two, living with Fibromyalgia as well as multiple other diagnoses. Louise will discuss her feelings around being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, how this was communicated to her and what this meant for her career and family life. Following this, Louise will share her journey through the secondary care as a Fibromyalgia patient, and her own search for answers and cure to Fibromyalgia in an attempt to salvage her life and independence, prior to accepting that this is a long-term condition which will require self-management and perseverance. In addition, Louise will share her thoughts on pain and fatigue in Fibromyalgia, and how the “drugs don't work”.

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