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SP0170 Assessing rheumatology skills
  1. C Haines
  1. The Medical School, The University of Nottingham, Nottingham, United Kingdom


Medical Education is making great advances in understanding the power of assessment. Modern learners seek frequent, faster feedback on their learning to study more effectively. It is now common for examinations to be statistically monitored in order to show that acceptable levels of reliability have been reached. But, a test is only as good as its questions. Clinicians are not often trained in how to create valid and reliable test questions. This session will describe some basic principles for creating valid and reliable tests for the knowledge, skills and attitudes which are required by practising rheumatologists. The speaker is currently the Eular Educationalist, who advises Eular on how to continually enhance assessment processes for the online courses and the new trainee examination.

As a result of the session participants will be better able to:

  • Describe how face validity and reliability apply to Eular assessments

  • Describe the differences between formative assessment for learning and summative assessment for grading

  • Identify improvements which they could make to test questions

  • Identify improvements which they could make to tests

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