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SP0161 The role of adipose tissue in osteoarthritis
  1. A Ioan-Facsinay
  1. Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden, Netherlands


The association between obesity and osteoarthritis (OA) is nowadays well-accepted. This association is present both in weight-bearing and non-weight-bearing joints, indicating that next to local effects, systemic effects associated with obesity could play a role in disease. The relative contribution of local and systemic effects could be different in each joint. In this presentation, I will summarize the current knowledge about the contribution of local and systemic adipose tissues to osteoarthritis in different joints, with emphasis on knee OA. Moreover, obesity-associated changes and their role in OA will be highlighted.

The key messages I would like to convey are:

  • Mechanical stress is a major contributor to knee OA

  • The infrapatellar fat pad (IFP), an intra-articular adipose tissue in the knee, is dostinct from other adipose tissues and could play a role in knee OA

  • Only few obesity-related features have been described in IFP in OA

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