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THU0370 Increased interleukin-17a concentration remains high in patients with ankylosing spondylitis treated with tumor necrosis α inhibitors within the year
  1. IZ Gaydukova,
  2. A Rebrov
  1. Hospital Therapy, Saratov State Medical University, Saratov, Russian Federation


Background Ankylosing spondylitis (AS) is associated with changes in the serum cytokines concentrations. During the treatment cytokines profile could change in different manner.

Objectives The aim of the study was to evaluate the changes in concentration of interleukin-17A (IL-17A) in patients with AS, treated with tumor necrosis factor α inhibitors (anti-TNFα) during the year.

Methods 30 patients with AS, fulfilled m. New-York criteria, with BASDAI ≥4.0 and NSAIDs non-responders were involved in the study. Mean age of AS patients at baseline was 38.35±9.19 years (M ± SD), the duration of AS was 11.4±9.6 years, 22 (73.3%) of patients – male. 20 healthy volunteers were involved as controls (mean age 40.1±7.7 years, male - 12 (60%). All AS patients were treated during the year with Remicade (infliximab, MSD®)) - 5 mg/kg at the recommended scheme. BASDAI, ASDASCRP indices were calculated, C-RP, TNFα and IL-17A levels were measured before the treatment with anti-TNFα (baseline) and 52±2 weeks after the baseline. Number of patients achieved ASAS 20, ASAS 40 responses, and ASAS partial remission was evaluated. The statistics was performed with SPSS17.

Results Baseline concentrations of TNFα and IL-17A in AS patients were higher than in healthy subjects (28.4±14.4 and 2.4±2.1, respectively, p<0.000). Significant reduction of AS activity, but not of IL-17A serum concentration was marked at week 52, Table 1.

Table 1.

Clinical and laboratory characteristics of AS activity at baseline and week 52, n=30

24 (80%) achieved ASAS 20, 18 (60%) – ASAS 40, 12 (40%) of patients with AS achieved ASAS partial remission. IL-17A was lower in patients who achieved remission compared to patients who did not achieve remission (figure).

Conclusions Serum concentration of IL-17A remains stable in patients treated with anti-TNFα during the year. The baseline and final concentrations of serum IL-17A are higher in patients with AS who do not achieved ASAS partial remission compared to those who achieved the remission.

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