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THU0090 Influence of age at disease onset on clinical, functional, and ultrasonographic outcomes in a monocentric early rheumatoid arthritis cohort
  1. E Galuppi,
  2. I Farina,
  3. C De Giorgio,
  4. CA Scirè,
  5. M Govoni
  1. Department of Medical Sciences, UOC Rheumatology, University of Ferrara and Azienda Ospedaliero-Universitaria Sant'Anna, Ferrara, Italy


Background Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) onset may occur at any age and peaks in the fifth decade. Because the mean age of general population is continually increasing and since older age could impact on outcomes, late-onset RA (LORA) will probably become a relevant issue for health care system in the next future. A better characterization of LORA could help rheumatologist in the therapeutic decision-making process tailored on the individual patient.

Objectives To investigate the relationship between age at disease onset and clinical, ultrasonographic and functional outcomes.

Methods Early RA (ERA) patients fulfilling 2010 ACR/EULAR, with available clinical ad ultrasonographic follow-up of at least 1 year, who consecutively attended our Early Arthritis Clinic between 2009–2014, were retrospectively analyzed. Patients were pooled into 3 groups by age at RA onset: <45 years (young-onset RA [YORA] group 1), 45 to 60 years (intermediate-onset RA [IORA] group 2), and >60 years (late-onset RA [LORA] group 3). At baseline biological, functional and ultrasonographic data were recorded. The following items were compared at baseline and after 12 months from diagnosis: DAS28CRP remission rate, functional disability using the Health Assessment Questionnaire (HAQ), power doppler (PWD) score, Methotrexate (MTX) treatment, use of glucocorticoids (GCs).

Results The main baseline demographic and disease characteristics of the whole sample of ERA (n=223) and the 3 age groups- YORA (46), IORA (81) and LORA (96)- are summarised in Table 1. Age at RA-onset was independently associated with DAS28CRP remission at 1 year (Table 2).

Conclusions In a cohort of ERA, older age at disease onset is associated with a more active pattern disease at the beginning but with a greater probability of DAS28CRP remission at 1 year.

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