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OP0278-PARE The french patient's association (AFLAR: french league against rheumatism) has generated the french national alliance against osteoarthritis and the first general convention of osteoarthritis in france: a campaign to create a national lobbying tool to improve the management of osteoarthritis
  1. L Grange1,2,
  2. F Rannou3,
  3. F Berenbaum4,
  4. C Roques5,
  5. F Srour6,
  6. C Delaunay7,
  7. P Niemczynsky8,
  8. C Dreux9,
  9. P Richette10,
  10. P-A Joseph11,
  11. C Cochet12,
  12. J Giraud13,
  13. F Alliot Launois14,
  14. C Gérard15,
  15. on behalf of the French National league Against Osteoarthritis
  1. 1President, AFLAR, Paris
  2. 2Rheumatology, CHU Grenoble Alpes, Echirolles Cedex
  3. 3SOFMER, SOFMER French society of physical medicine and rehabilitation
  4. 4President, Sfr French Society of Rheumatology
  5. 5AFRETH French Association for Thermal Res
  6. 6CNOMK French Natl. order Council of the physio Therapists
  7. 7SOFCOT French Society of Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology
  8. 811ONPP Natl. French Order Council of the Pedicure Podiatrist
  9. 9Cespharm, CONP Natl. Council of the Coll. of Pharmacists
  10. 10SFR french society of Rheumatology, Paris
  11. 11Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, University Hospital Pellegrin, Bordeaux
  12. 12ONPP Natl. French Order Council of the Pedicure Podiatrist
  13. 13Empatient
  14. 14Vice Presidente
  15. 15Treasurer, AFLAR, Paris, France


Background OA suffers from a lack of interest and not considered serious enough by Health authorities taking into account the burden of the disease. AFLAR has fostered dynamics by creating a structure called the National Alliance against OA, includes national experts, patients and health professionals (HP). A initiative of this group has been to organize the first General Convention for OA.

Objectives Its main challenge was to provide a list of actions that could potentially change the face of the disease and improve the visibility of OA along with the needs and demands from French patients.

Methods 10 regional roundtables (with HP, patients and health institutions, around five topics) has been launched with discussions and debates and enabled the production of patient-related proposals in order to improve their care and information.

Results 79 proposals have been selected and submitted to an online vote in order to be prioritized. Among the 5 topics addressed by the regional roundtables, cross-cutting issues were identified and 9 fields of action emerged. The final proposals were synthesized in a White Paper document and presented to the national Senate assembly. After it was broadcast to the health and public authorities in a prospect of lobbying. see in the image.

Conclusions Although the impact of this initiative is not yet measurable, we think that it should improve the awareness of the decision-makers on the burden of the disease and provide concrete ideas to governmental and non-governmental policy makers in order to improve the quality of life of OA patients.

Acknowledgements L. Euller-Ziegler F. Blanchet F. Beroud CE Bouvier D.Romain Bertholon, SANOIA,SNMR,CFMR. With support of Genévrier, Pierre Fabre, Expanscience Rottapharm Meda laboratory, SOFMER, CONMK & AFLAR

Disclosure of Interest None declared

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