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AB1164 Rabiopred, an innovative theragnostic tool for precision medicine in rheumatoid arthritis patients
  1. E Schordan1,
  2. M Mehdi1,
  3. S Danilin1,
  4. M Coq1,
  5. M Schumacher1,
  6. T Huizinga2,
  7. H Firat1
  1. 1Firalis, Huningue, France
  2. 2Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden, Netherlands


Background Anti-TNF alpha biologicals are an important breakthrough in the treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) patients. However, 30–40% of RA patients do not respond to these therapies. Therefore, there is an unmet need for a tool to predict treatment response that would help clinicians choose an optimal treatment for RA patients.

Objectives Under the framework of Horizone2020 SME Instrument of European Commission, Firalis has identified and developed a panel of 2159 mRNA genes which can predict non-response to anti-TNF alpha therapy using the HTG EdgeSeq platform, an innovative combination of a nuclease protection assay & next generation sequencing (NGS).

Methods RABIOPRED assay is a proprietary panel of Firalis signatures, which also includes targets selected by the BTCure consortium, to predict treatment response of anti-TNF alpha biologicals. In total 2175 targets were selected for the development and 2159 are successfully included in the panel. Each oligonucleotide is a 100-mer comprising a 25-mer “wing” at the 5' end and 3' end, and a 50-mer sequence in between that is complementary to the target mRNA. QC is checked for secondary structure and absence of homology with other sequences. Analytical parameters are assessed and repeatability of the RABIOPRED assay is validated on both Paxgene and purified RNA samples. Sample input is set at 32 μl for Paxgene RNA blood and 25 ng for extracted RNA.

Results Mean correlation factor for 12 samples on 8 replicates for Paxgene and RNA samples are R2>0.97 and R2>0.99 respectively. First analysis and predictive modelling shows an AUC over 0.95 for the prediction of non-response to anti-TNF alpha. In the present work, we disclose the performance of the CE-IVD RABIOPRED assay based on more than 200 samples obtained from the prospective clinical studies, PRINT and RA-TNF. The algorithm will be further validated within the ongoing RABIOPRED Proof-of-Performance study ( Identifier: NCT03016260) in 720 patients treated by anti-TNF alpha biologicals (5 originators and 3 biosimilars) launched in December 2016. First version of the CE-IVD RABIOPRED assay will be available during Q2 2017 and open for testing.

Conclusions We are showing that we can accurately measure mRNA expression with RABIOPRED assay using HTG-EdgeSeq NGS platform. Preliminary performance of the assay shows that it can efficiently predict treatment response to anti-TNF alpha biologicals. The algorithm will be later on validated in a multi-centric proof-of-performance clinical study.

Disclosure of Interest None declared

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