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AB1141 Prevalence of long-term steroid therapy: french data
  1. L Couvaras,
  2. S Trijau,
  3. G De Lamotte,
  4. V Pradel,
  5. T Pham,
  6. P Lafforgue
  1. APHM, Marseille, France


Background Corticosteroids are widely used for various diseases, from chronic respiratory conditions to auto-immune disorders. However, there are few epidemiological data about long-term steroid therapy in southern Europe (1, 2, 3).

Objectives To describe chronic glucocorticoid prescriptions in a large cohort.

Methods Information was collected from a national public health-insurance database that covers 4.1 million individuals and 83% of the population, in our geographic area of Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur and Corsica, from September 1, 2009 through August 31, 2011. We identified subjects aged of 15 years and over starting glucocorticoid therapy. Chronic glucocorticoid therapy was defined as ≥7.5mg of prednisone equivalent per day during at least 90 days consecutive. We identified the incident cases of long-term glucocorticoid therapy, defined as those prevalent cases who did not fill glucocorticoid prescriptions during the first 6 months of the 24-month study period.

Results We identified 32,812 patients who were prescribed glucocorticoid therapy, yielding 0.97% prevalence. Of these 32,812 patients, 14,205 (43.3%) met our definition of incident cases, yielding an incidence of 0.42% for 18 months in the overall population aged at least 15 years, corresponding to an incidence of long-term glucocorticoid therapy of 2.8/1000 inhabitants/year. Among these incident cases, the most currently prescribed glucocorticoids were prednisolone (64%) and prednisone (32%). Sixty-three per cent of patients received only one type of glucocorticoid while 33% received two and 5% received 3 or more of them. The average treatment duration was 270.9 days (CI 95% 267.7 – 274). Most prescriptions (55,4%) were initiated by general practitioners. The median prednisone-equivalent dose was 11mg/day (IQR, 8.8–17.8) and varied very little with age and sex.

Rheumatoid arthritis was the most common disease associated with chronic glucocorticoid prescriptions in this cohort (30%), followed by chronic respiratory failure (21%), internal medicine diseases such as connectivite tissue diseases, polymyalgia rheumatica or Giant-cell arteritis (21%), asthma (15%) and infammatory bowel diseases like ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease (13%).

Conclusions Long-term corticosteroid therapy is frequent in France, its description is close to what is already known in Europe.


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