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AB0873 Characteristics of adherence, persistence and therapeutic alliance in patients with gout
  1. E Alvarez-Hernandez1,
  2. LD Upegui-Arango2,
  3. J Vazquez-Mellado1,
  4. E Aranda-Arreola1,
  5. R Burgos-Vargas1,
  6. I Pelaez-Ballestas1
  1. 1Rheumatology, Hospital General de Mexico, Mexico DF, Mexico
  2. 2Rheumatology, 2.Universidad Industrial de Santander, Bucaramanga, Colombia


Background Adherence is the extent to which the patient takes their medications and follow the directions prescribed by their doctor. It has two components: compliance (the degree or extent of conformity to the recommendations about day-to-day treatment by the provider with respect to the timing, dosage, and frequency) and persistence (the duration of time from initiation to discontinuation of therapy). The therapeutic alliance is the patient physician relationship that allows the patient to participate actively in their treatment. The reported adherence varies from 43 to 78% in patients with chronic diseases. In gout, the adherence varies from 10 to 46%.

Objectives To evaluate the characteristics of adhesion in patients with gout.

Methods Patients with gout from the GRESGO cohort were included. Sociodemographic, clinical, and treatment data were collected and the HAQ-DI, EuroQol-5d and a specific questionnaire of adherence and therapeutic alliance were applied.

Results The study included 238 patients (97.1% male), whit a mean age of 47.7±12.7 years, educational level 9.2±4.2 years. The adherence index (prescribed doses/doses taken) was 86%. Only 28.6% never stopped treatment. 4.6% took the doses at the correct time. Most frequent causes of suspension were lack of supply (37%) and forgetfulness (30%). Only 5% buy all of their medications, 10% follow the lifestyle changes. 49.6% do not take the medication when they disagree with their doctor.

Conclusions Despite having a good adherence index there are discrepancies with the qualitative answers, since more than 70% did not have good persistence and more than 90% did not comply with the schedule.

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