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AB0838 Epidemiology and analysis of falls in patients during balneotherapy in danubius health spa piestany
  1. I Rybar1,
  2. V Kolnikova2,
  3. T Zimanova2,
  4. R Gaspar2
  1. 1Department of Rheumatology, National Institute of Rheumatic Diseases
  2. 2Department of Physiotherapy, Danubius Health Spa, Piestany, Slovakia


Background Patients falls in hospitals are frequent and undesirable complications that may lead to negative outcomes such as injuries, prolonged hospitalization and legal liability.

Objectives To investigate the incidence and characteristics of patients hospitalized in the Health Spa Piestany.

Methods Prospective analysis of falls in the group of in-patients of health spa during a year since 01.01.2015 to 31.12.2015.

Results Overall there were hospitalized in the health spa 25 774 in-patients. The mean age of patients was 64,02±13,16 years. There were women - 15 301, mean age (63,61±11,57 years) and men 10 473, with mean age (64,43±9,22 years). Falls were confirmed in 131 patients (women 94, mean age 68,55±10,22 years and men 37 males, mean age 70,39±7,62 years. Fractures have been confirmed in 19 patients, all of them non-vertebral. The ankle distortion were in 11 patients and lacerated wounds in 10 patients. There were collapse status in 8 and commotio cerebri in 1 patient. Spa therapy had to be discontinued only in 5 from 131 patiens due to falls. The annual incidence of falls reached 5,08 cases/1000 patients. In women there were - 6,14 cases/1000 women a year and in men 3,53 cases/1000 men a year. The annually incidence of fractures reached 0,69/1000 pacients. The most common locations of falls were hotel rooms, especially bathtub in the bathroom (49%), slightly less facilities for balneotherapy (22%), the area outside the spa (21%) and at least in the park area of health spa 8%. Women and men who have suffered falls had significantly higher age and had also high rate of cardio-vascular morbidity (87%).

Conclusions The annual incidence of falls among patients in a balneotherapy reached to 5.08 cases per 1,000 patients per year. Incidence of falls in women was almost twice as high compared to men. The age of women and men with falls was significantly higher (p<0,001) compared to other patients and they also had higher rate of cardiovascular morbidity. The most common locations of falls were bathtubs in the bathroom.


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