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AB0774 Prevalence, clinical and radiographic characteristics of sacroilitis in patients with psoriasis
  1. L Stefanović1,
  2. D Veljković2,
  3. E Mahmutović3,
  4. V Skakić4
  1. 1Dom zdravlja Kraljevo
  2. 2Odsek za sanitetsko obezbeđ enje, Odred Žandarmerije, Kraljevo
  3. 3Državni Univerzitet Novi Pazar, Departman za biomedicinske nauke, Novi Pazar
  4. 4Institute Niska Banja, Nis, Serbia


Background Psoriasis is a skin disorder that is associated with arthritis. Sacroiliac joint involvement is considered to be less frequent than the other types of psoriatic arthritis.

Objectives im of the study was to investigate the prevalence of sacroilitis in patients with psoriasis (Ps) in region of Kraljevo, Novi Pazar and Niška banja.

Methods A multicenter, noninterventional, retrospective, cross-sectional study was conducted at 3 care centers in region of Kraljevo, Novi Pazar and Niška banja. Diagnosis of sacroilitis was based on clinical and antero-posterior pelvic X-rays Prevalence of sacroilitis and its clinical and radiologic characteristics were examined.

Results Sacroilitis was documented in 24/100 (24%) patients with Ps. There was no significant difference in average age between Ps patients without sacroilitis (47,83) and Ps patients with sacroilitis (49,9). Sacroiliitis appeared to be unilateral in 12,5% and bilateral in 87.5% of patients. Ps preceded sacroilitis in 62,50% and sacroilitis preceded Ps in 29,17% of cases; concomitant onset of Ps and sacroilitis was present in 8,33%. Peripheral arthritis was found in 67,89% patients with sacroilitis.

Conclusions The prevalence of sacroilitis and related spondylitis is high in patient with Ps. We found predominantly bilateral sacroilitis which is characteristic of ankylosing spondylitis. This is in contrast to present knowledge about the association of psoriasis and sacroiliitis. In 68% sacroilitis patients we found associated peripheral arthritis.

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