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AB0648 Disease-related autoantibody profile in systemic sclerosis in greece
  1. C Liaskos1,
  2. E Marou1,
  3. T Simopoulou1,
  4. M Barmakoudi1,
  5. G Efthymiou1,
  6. T Scheper2,
  7. W Meyer2,
  8. DP Bogdanos1,
  9. L Sakkas1
  1. 1Rheumatology and Clinical Immunology, University of Thessaly, School of Health Sciences, LARISSA, Greece
  2. 2Institute of Immunology, Euroimmun AG, Lubeck, Germany


Background Autoantibodies (autoAbs) help in diagnosis and predicting clinical phenotypes in systemic sclerosis (SSc).

Objectives To determine the clinical utility of 13 SSc-related autoAbs in SSc patients in Greece.

Methods 131 consecutive patients with SSc (111 female, mean age 58.1±14 years; 49 with diffused cutaneous SSc [dcSSc] and 82 with limited cutaneous SSc [lcSSc]) were analyzed by a multiplex line immunoassay (Euroimmun) for autoAbs against 13 SSc-related antigens. Twenty two patients with primary Raynaud phenomenon (RP), and 22 healthy controls were also analyzed

Results ANA by indirect immunofluorescence was present in 128 (97.7%) patients with SSc. Excluding anti-Ro52, 113 (89.3%) SSc patients were positive for at least one autoAb: anti-Topo I abs in 54 (41.2%), anti-CENPA in 37 (28.2%, all reactive with CENPB), anti-RNA polymerase III (RP11) in 19 (14.5%), anti-RNA polymerase III (RP155) in 13 (9.9%), anti-fibrillarin in 4 (3.1%), anti-Ku in 6 (4.6%), anti-NOR90 in 8 (6.1%), anti-PM/Scl100 in 2 (1.5%), and anti-PM/Scl75 in 4 (3.1%). There was no immunoreactivity for Th/To or PDGFR. Overall, 102 (77.9%) SSc patients had autoAbs against Topo I, CENPA or CENPB, RP11 or RP155. Anti-Topo I abs were strongly associated with dcSSc, interstitial lung disease (ILD) (p<0.001), and pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) (p=0.019). Anti-CENB abs were associated with lcSSc, and negatively associated with ILD. Anti-RP11 and anti-NOR90 abs were associated with male gender, and anti-NOR90 associated with ILD. In PR individuals and healthy individuals anti-Ro52 immunoreactivity was found in 9.1% and 13.6%, respectively, but no other immunoreactivity was detected.

Conclusions Anti-Scl70, anti-CENP and anti-RNA pol III are the most prevalent autoAbs in SSc. Anti-Topo I and anti-NOR90 abs are associated with ILD and/or PAH.

Disclosure of Interest C. Liaskos: None declared, E. Marou: None declared, T. Simopoulou: None declared, M. Barmakoudi: None declared, G. Efthymiou: None declared, T. Scheper Employee of: Euroimmun AG, W. Meyer Employee of: Euroimmun AG, D. Bogdanos: None declared, L. Sakkas: None declared

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