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AB0515 Skin manifestations as independent predictors and the initial risk faktors for systemic antiphospholipid events
  1. L Stojanovich,
  2. A Djokovic,
  3. N Stanisavljevic,
  4. M Zdravkovic
  1. Internal Medicine Department, University Hospital Center Bezanijska Kosa, Belgrade, Serbia


Background Antiphospholipid syndrome (APS) patients express skin manifestations with the presence of various levels of antiphospholipid antibodies (aPL).Several studies have shown the frequency of dermatological manifestations with APS1,2,3, including livedo reticularis, cutaneous ulcers, acrocyanosis, and other.

Objectives Dermatological manifestations can be the initial clue in the diagnosis of this disease.

Methods Our study includes a total of 508 APS patients; 360 were PAPS patients (283 female and 77 male, mean age 44.0±12.9 years),148 had APS associated with SLE/SAPS (133 female and 15 male,mean age 47.7±14.8 years).aPL analysis included:LA, aCL (IgG/IgM), β2GPI (IgG/IgM).In all patients, we collected data considering frequently occured skin lesions.

Results Our results showed prevalence of skin manifestations in SAPS group of patinenst regading to PAPS (Table 1). Patients with skin manifestations overall had higher prevalence of thrombosis (Table 2).

Table 1.

Prevalence of skin manifestations analyzed in PAPS and SAPS group

Table 2.

Skin manifestations and thrombosis

Conclusions Dermatological manifestations can be very often the initial symptoms of severe manifestations of APS.Our study showed that patients with secondary APS had higher prevalence of skin lesions, and that some aPL types were risk factors for thrombotic manifestations in APS patients


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Acknowledgements This work was supported by research grant number 175041 for 2011 - 2017, issued by the Ministry of Science of the Republic of Serbia.

Disclosure of Interest None declared

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