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SAT0605 Local progesterone injection: new option for management of carpal tunnel syndrome
  1. SA Raeissadat1,
  2. L Sedighipour1,
  3. S Shahraeeni2
  1. 1Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Research Center
  2. 2Physical medicine and rehabilitation research center, Tehran, Iran, Islamic Republic Of


Background A number of studies, have demonstrated the neuroprotective effects of progesterone and its influence on the recovery after neural injury. Few studies investigated the efficacy of local progesterone in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Objectives The objective of this study was to compare the long term effects of progesterone versus corticosteroid local injections in patients with mild and moderate carpal tunnel syndrome.

Methods In this randomized clinical trial, 78 hands with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome were assigned to two groups. Patients were treated with a single local injection of triamcinolone acetonide in one group and single local injection of hydroxy progesterone in the other group. Variables including pain (based on Visual Analogue Scale), symptom severity and functional status (based on Bostone/Levine symptom severity and functional status scale) and nerve conduction study were evaluated before and 6 months after the treatments.

Results All outcome measures including pain, functional scales and electrophysiologic findings improved in both corticosteroid and progesterone groups and there were no meaningful differences between two groups regarding mentioned variables. However, functional outcome was significantly better in progesterone compared to corticosteroid group at 6 month follow up (P=0.04).

Conclusions This study demonstrated the efficacy of progesterone local injection in mild and moderate CTS at long term follow up. Furthermore, local progesterone can be superior to corticosteroid injection for relieving symptoms and improving functional and electrophysiologic findings at long term follow up.

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