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SP0040 How to scan the hip, new approach and demo
  1. I Möller,
  2. on behalf of EULAR Working Group Anatomy for the IMAGE
  1. Rheumatology; anatomy; sonoanatomy-sonopathology, Instituto Poal de Reumatología; University of Barcelona, Hospitalet de Llobregat, Spain


The exploration of the hip includes not only intraarticular findings such as synovitis or lesions of the labrum but also the dynamic exploration of the tendons and muscles surrounding it as well as of the neurovascular bundles of interest. All this is an essential complement in the differential diagnosis of the rheumatic patient. The iliopsoas tendon as well as the hip adductors will be demonstrated during the presentation. The anterior and antero internal part of the groin region constitute a relatively frequent consultation and study of the tendinous snapping and its differential diagnosis with the snapping of intraarticular origin can be made by means of the musculoskeletal ultrasound. It requires systematization and knowledge of the regional anatomy.

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