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AB0276 Psychological Status Is Associated with Health Related Quality of Life in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis
  1. K. Baccouche,
  2. L. Mani,
  3. S. Belghali,
  4. N. Elamri,
  5. Z. Alaya,
  6. H. Zeglaoui,
  7. E. Bouajina
  1. rheumatology, farhat hached hospital, sousse, Tunisia


Background Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) as one of the most common autoimmune diseases is known to be one of the leading causes of disability.

Objectives This study aimed to investigate the relationship between psychological disorders (depression, anxiety and insomnia) and quality of life in patients with rheumatoid arthritis patients.

Methods A total of 50 patients were included with the diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis meeting ACR 1987 criteria, in a prospective study. In a questionnaire, the characteristics of the disease and sociodemographic patient were collected.

Also psychiatric assessment was done using the insomnia severity index score (ISI) and the Hospital Anxiety and Depression scale (HAD). In addition, patients answered a Health Assessment Questionnaire (HAQ) to assess their functional capacity and the SF-12 to evaluate the quality of life.

Results The female was found in 80%, the average age was 52,8 years. The average duration of disease progression was 8,79 years (0,5–30). The mean value of the DAS 28 was 5,03 [1.7 to 7.9].

Extra-articular manifestations were reported in 72% of patients: secondary Sjögrens syndrome in 54%, osteoporosis in 42%, pulmonary fibrosis in 12%. 80% of patients received methotrexate and 38% of patients were treated with biotheraby.

Radiological destruction was observed in 96% of cases. Joint deformities were reported in 56% of cases. The most prevalent comorbidities in this population were anemia (28%), hypertension (18%), and diabetis (18%).

On the psychological level, 12% of patients had an anxiety, 6% had depression. According to the ISI, 34% of patients had Subthreshold insomnia, 40% had moderate insomnia and 6% had severe insomnia. The mean value of the HAQ was 1.49 (0.2–3).

A significant positive correlation was found between the disease activity and the presence of insomnia (p=0.019), the presence of depression (p=0.009) and anxiety (p=0.049). Also, we found a significant positive correlation between the HAQ and depression (p=0,003).

The mean value of the physical health was 40.51 (16–59.2) and for the mental health was 48.13 (26–60).

Conclusions Psychiatric illness is a relatively common disorder in patients with RA, it affects their quality of life. The treatment of those patients must consider psychiatric disorders, as part of a global approach.

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