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AB0163 No Association between The Percentage of Memory or Transitional B Regs and Disease-Related Autoantibodies in Systemic Sclerosis
  1. A. Mavropoulos,
  2. C. Liaskos,
  3. T. Simopoulou,
  4. A. Varna,
  5. C.G. Katsiari,
  6. D.P. Bogdanos,
  7. L.I. Sakkas
  1. Rheumatology, Medical School, University of thessaly, Larissa, Greece


Background Recently, we found that Breg cells are numerically decreased and functionally impaired in patients with systemic sclerosis (SSc)1 A subsequent study confirmed these data and reported a negative correlation between Breg levels and the titres of anti-topo I and anti-centromere antibodies (ab) in patients with SSc2.

Objectives To assess the relation between memory or transitional Bregs with SSc-specific anti-topo I, anti-centromere (CEN) and anti-RNA pol I abs in our cohort of SSc patients.

Methods Fifty patients with Ssc were tested for disease-specific abs (Topo I, CENP, RNA pol I) using line blot analysis (EUROIMMUN), and for memory [CD19(pos)CD27(pos)CD24(high)] and transitional [CD19(pos)CD24(high)CD38(high)] Bregs using flow cytometry.

Results Anti-CEN, anti-Scl-70 and RNA pol I abs were present in 12 (24%), 23 (46%) and 7 (14%) patients with SSc, respectively. The % of memory and transitional B regs was comparable between anti-CEN ab-positive and -negative patients (1.56±1.40 vs 1.74±1.01 and 0.78 ±0.73 vs 0.65±0.68 respectively, p>0.05), and also beween anti-RNA ab-positive and -negative patients with SSc (1.96±1.26 vs 1.65±1.09 and 0.54±0.53 vs 0.7±0.72 respectively). While the % of memory Bregs did not differ between anti-topo I-positive and -negative patients (1.96±1.26 vs 1.65±1.09 and 0.54 ±0.53 vs 0.7±0.72 respectively), the % of transitional Bregs tended to be decreased in patients with anti-topo I-positive compared to anti-topo I ab-negative patients (0.49±0.46 vs 0.84±0.61 p=0.066). Levels of B regs (memory or transitional) did not negatively correlate with autoantibody titres by line blot analysis.

Conclusions We failed to find an association between percentages of memory and transitional B regs with SSc-specific autoantibodies.

  1. Mavropoulos A et al Arthritis Rheumatol 2016;68:494–504

  2. Matsushita T et al Rheumatology 2016;55:263–7

Acknowledgement Financial support by ELKE, University of Thessaly

Disclosure of Interest None declared

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