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AB0058 Eosinophil Cation Protein (ECP) – The Topping Attractor of The Disease Activity in Rheumatic Artritis (RA)
  1. V.I. Shishkin,
  2. G.V. Kudriavtseva,
  3. V.V. Shishkin,
  4. Y.A. Malenkov
  1. Saint Petersburg State University, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation


Background RA is systemic autoimmune disease characterized by the production of auto-reactive antibodies, formation of immune complexes causing tissue and organ damage, that reflects the degree of cellular destruction and the depth of the membrane pathological changes. ECP hinder the development of these negative phenomena.

Objectives To assess serum levels of ECP, interleukins (IL-5, IL-10, IL-18) levels and immunoglobulins (IGA, IGE) levels in a population of patients with RA.

Methods 15 patients with RA and 20 healthy controls were investigated in this study. Their ages changed from 35 to 60 years (female/male=3:1). The serum ECP, IL-5, IL-10, IL-18 and IGA, IGE levels were determined using (ELISA), and their correlations with the disease activity were measured using the DAS 28 and laboratory parameters including RF, antiCCP, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, complement (C3, C4), anti-double stranded – DNA antibody levels were analyzed. The clinically relevant correlation reported in the study parameter.

Results The serum ECP, IG and IL levels were significantly higher (mean values ECP: 2500±134,7 ng/ml; IGA: 6970,5±357,9 mg/ml; IGE: 4350,9±210,7 ng/ml; IL-5: 632,5±19,9 pg/ml; IL-10: 956,4±14,7 pg/ml; IL-18: 2307,8±325,4 pg/ml) in RA patients compared to the control (mean values ECP: 21,7±0,9 ng/ml; IGA: 516,7±39,4 mg/ml; IGE: 37,0±9,4 ng/ml; IL-5: 53,7±12,6 pg/ml;IL-10: 93,4±17,8 pg/ml; IL-18: 187,3±25,4 pg/ml), (p<0,001). Furthermore, such in increase in the levels of these analyzed parameters showed a highly significant positive correlation with the disease activity and laboratory parameters.

Conclusions The production of pro-and anti-inflammation mediators and ECP in blood from patients with active RA shows a high degree of correlation with clinical disease activity measures. The level of ECP reflects the intensity of RA-inflammatory processes. It is proved expediency of application of the ECP-test in dynamics, status and forecast of the RA.

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