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SP0195 Osteoporosis and Cardiovascular Disease
  1. W.F. Lems
  1. Amsterdam Rheumatology and immunology Centre, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Both osteoporotic fractures and cardiovascular events can be devastating events, which are more commonly in the elderly. This could be related to some risk factors that play a role in the pathogenesis of both events: postmenopausal estrogen deficiency, smoking, immobility and low-grade inflammation. A systematic review on the association of cardiovascular diseases and osteoporosis in the general population will be mentioned. The relationship between osteoporotic fractures and cardiovascular events could be even stronger in patients with systemic inflammatory diseases such as RA or AS. Finally, it will be discussed whether in patients with a recent cardiovascular event, it is useful to screen for underlying osteoporosis, and whether in patients with a recent fracture, cardiovascular risk factors should be determined.

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