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SP0168 How New Treatments in Lupus Are Changing The Landscape
  1. A. Voskuyl
  1. rheumatology, VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam, Netherlands


For decades patients with systemic lupus erythematosus have been been treated with classical immunosuppressive drugs, either as single use or in combination, with or without low-medium- high dose corticosteroids. The ultimate goal of treatment is cure, although low disease activity and preferably remission are the primary goals of treatment, yet. Prevention of lupus flares and reduction of corticosteroids dose are in line with these goals. An overview will be given on the current use (indication, efficacy, side effects) of biologicals (i.e. rituximab, belimumab) in lupus, in particular in daily clinical practice. Also, the following questions will be discussed: Do the use of biologicals add to the former mentioned goals of treatment? What can be expected from the use of biologicals in lupus in the future? Which new treatments, including biologicals, are currently being investigated in clinical trials?

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