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SP0165 Balneotherapy:Efficacy and Safety in Osteoarthritis
  1. T. Bender
  1. Physical Therapy, Hospitaller Brother of St. John of God, Budapest, Hungary


Background The scientific field dealing with balneotherapy is called balneology.Balneotherapy means the use of natural mineral waters, natural peloids and muds, natural sources of different gases for medical purposes.

Objectives A growing number of evidence is available about the beneficial effect of balneotherapy for patients suffering from Osteoarthritis. The lecture would like to give a survey about the efficacy and safety of balneotherapy in Osteoarthritis

Methods We searched in the medical database (Pubmed, Scopus, Pedro, Web of Sciences, Sciences Direct) and took into consideration articles only published in the English language. We focused on the clinical studies, but we paid attention on the possible side effects,risks and harmful effects of balneotherapy. We overviewed not only the RTC studies, but also the reviews,meteaanalysis and guidelines.

Results Untill now more than 50 RTC single or double blind studies had been published on the effect of balneotherapy in OA(this number continually increased).The majorities of the studies dealing with the role of the balneotherapy on the knee arthrosis, but there are studies involved with the shoulder,neck,hand,hip and lumbar regions too. On the basis of the available evidence, balneotherapy has a beneficial effect on pain and quality of life for OA patients. As for as the safety of balneotherapy,the side effects during the treatment are negligible. On account of the latest OARSI guideline, balneotherapy is an appropriate treatment in case of multi- joint type OA with comorbidities.

Conclusion On the basis of the available evidence balneotherapy is effective and safe, non-pharmacological therapy in the treatment of OA, but further multicentric studies are necesseray to prove its efficacy.

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