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SP0158 Technological Challenges in Implementing e-Health
  1. T. Dawson
  1. Rescon Technologies, Crondall, United Kingdom


This presentation will focus on the story of a UK SME, Rescon Technologies, that started with an idea to harness history at source in 2011. This involved developing a tool to allow patients to capture their own medical history in real-time, in an accessible easy to use format. It will cover the journey from idea generation to co-development pilots through to going to market in the UK. This will include examples of how opportunities need to be embraced to allow obstacles to be overcome in getting a product to market in a fragmented health and social care ecosystem.

Specific topics that will be addressed are:

1. The issues around contemporary history taking;

2. The rise of patient reported outcome measures;

3. History as a diagnostic and prognostic tool;

4. How history relates to new outcome commissioning models;

5. Accessibility;

6. User interfaces and user experience;

7. Segmentation, quantification and digitisation;

8. Co-production;

9. System and workflow integration;

10. Competition, interoperability, and collaboration;

11. Health economics;

12. Advantages of an integrated information technology approach.

The presentation will conclude with recommended considerations before embarking on the journey of turning an idea or aspiration into a sustainable product that will improve health or social care.

Disclosure of Interest T. Dawson Shareholder of: Rescon Technologies

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