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THU0500 Frequency of IL-1 Gene Cluster Polymorphism and Its Relationship with Clinical Findings in Patients with Gout
  1. B. Can1,
  2. A. Balkarli2,
  3. L. Elmas3,
  4. C.C. Karatay4,
  5. E. Tepeli3,
  6. A. Kaya5,
  7. V. Cobankara5
  1. 1Rheumatology
  2. 2Antalya training and research hospital, Antalya
  3. 3Department of Medical Biology
  4. 4Department of Internal Medicine
  5. 5Rheumatology, Pamukkale University School of Medicine, Denizli, Turkey


Background IL-1β has role in promotion of acute gout inflammation. The relationship of IL-1 with comorbid conditions and many other disorders has been investigated previously. Gout is an auto-inflammatory disease. Activation of IL-1 gene can contribute to pathogenesis.

Methods The study included 70 patients with gout and 106 age- and sex-matched healthy volunteers. By using genomic DNA isolated from patients and healthy volunteers, 5 polymorphic gene regions (rs16944, rs2234650, rs1800587, rs1143634 and rs315952) were analyzed by using PCR. Genotyping was performed by using Melting Curve Genotyping analysis.

Results Mean age was 57.73 ± 10.2 years in the patient group and 57.42 ± 8.53 years in the control group. The frequency of IL1 rs16944 gene polymorphism of heterozygous (AG) genotype was found to be increased in the patient group compared to controls (61.4% vs. 40.6%; p=0.01). Genotype distribution of remaining gene polymorphisms was similar in both groups. When each gene polymorphism was assessed regarding allele frequency, no significant difference was detected between patient and control groups (p>0.05). It was seen that CRP values (p=0.011) and number of attacks per year (p=0.035) were higher in patients with rs2234650 wild type (CC).The haplotype analysis was performed for rs2234650, rs1143634 and rs315952 which could have significant association with disease. Similar haplotype distribution was observed in both groups.

Table 1.

Mean laboratory and clinical values according to polymorphisms

Conclusions Although there was no significant difference in the distribution of IL-1 gene polymorphism, it is seen that the presence of some genotypes could affect clinical course of gout.

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