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SP0141 The Point of View of Physician. Social Media: Pros and Cons of Sharing Patient and Physician Personal Experience
  1. E. Nikiphorou
  1. Rheumatology, Whittington Hospital, London, United Kingdom


The world of social media (SM) is rapidly evolving and we are experiencing a new era of online communication and social interaction. Aside from SM platforms being used for recreational/leisure purposes, in more recent years, they are being increasingly used for professional communication and for sharing knowledge and information. SM platforms like Twitter and Facebook are commonly used at conferences and other educational events, eliminating geographical barriers and enabling rapid dissemination of information. Educational activities on SM platforms like Twitter include journal clubs, participation in clinical/research quizzes and problem-solving. Communication between physicians and other health care professionals and patients on SM is becoming increasingly popular. SM allows for patients and physicians to connect on a different level; yet, this kind of interaction has both advantages and disadvantages. If, however, SM is used appropriately, it can be an incredibly powerful means of good communication, learning and development.

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