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SP0096 Optimization of MTX in RA Treatment
  1. M. Schiff
  1. University of Colorado, Colorado, United States


EULAR and ACR guidelines agree that Methotrexate (MTX) should be the first part of Rheumatoid Arthritis therapy if there is no contraindication As stated in the EULAR guidelines “MTX should be part of the first treatment strategy in patients with active RA… and thus continues to serve as an anchor drug in RA.”

After decades of successful use of MTX the ideal way to optimize MTX is still being discussed.

This presentation will address MTX as the current anchor drug in RA and how to better optimize its dosing for best patient care. Recent EULAR, ACR presentations will be highlighted.

The pharmokinetics will be illustrated from recent Annals of Rheumatic disease papers to help clinicians optimize MTX. Genetic concerns will be addressed and how they might impact the clinical utility and future dosing of MTX.

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