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SP0091 Can Individual Patients Benefit from Registries?
  1. S. Ernestam
  1. Rheumatology, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden


SRQ, the Swedish Rheumatology Quality Care Register, has more than 60 000 registered patients with different inflammatory conditions, mainly arthritis diseases. Approximately 20 000 patients are on treatment with biologic drugs and a total of 35 000 patients have ever been treated with biological drugs. All rheumatology units in Sweden are part of the register.

The variables registered are mainly patient reported outcomes such as global health on a visual analogue scale, pain on a visual analoge scale, fatigue, HAQ and number of swollen and tender joints registered by both patient and provider. The patient may register their data before the consultation at a secure web page or at a computer in the waiting room. During the consultation the results of the patient reported outcome measurements are visualised to both the patient and provider and a shared decision of treatment are agreed on together. A treatment plan may be made on both medications and life style factors.

Patients may themselves take part of their individual results over time from home.

During the session a short film about the way of working with SRQ will be shown.

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