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SP0083 Balancing Work and Life: “When Is A Man A Man ?”
  1. F. Demtröder
  1. ÜBAG MVZ Dr. Eberhard & Partner und Klinikum Dortmund, Zentrum für Endokrinologie, Diabetologie, Rheumatologie, Dortmund, Germany


Working is a very important part of our life.

There are lots of problems and barriers for people with chronic rheumatic diseases in starting a professional career. Furthermore it is a challenge to stay in the working process for many years.

Great and never ending efforts are needed to get over multiple obstacles. But are there special aspects for men? And (why) is working so important especially for men?

What is the meaning of working? What are the goals of working for our life and living? And what does it mean with respect to any “treat to target”?

How can we be successful and what is success? Do we have to accept limits? And what strategies are available to manage a successful working life being a man with a chronic rheumatic disease?

Even if we do not find any answers let us shed some light on these important questions from a patient's view.

Conclusion To be successful for men with rheumatic diseases in balancing work and life the following strategies might be helpful:

Ability to work must be kept in mind when thinking of “treat to target” in people with chronic rheumatic diseases.

Obstacles can be overcome and problems can be solved by multiple different solutions.

Goals should be looked at from different points of view – particularly from the patient's perspective. The aims should be tailored in an individual way to achieve personally defined success and happiness.

Life is what you make it – especially in RHEUMATISM!

Right Help Empowers Us – More Action Towards Independent Self-Management.

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