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OP0252-PARE Increasing The Interest in Research in Rheumatology
  1. K. Blidberg
  1. Reumatikerförbundet, Stockholm, Sweden


Background The Swedish Rheumatism Association has a research fund which distributes money to research in rheumatology but also research on pain, osteoarthritis and other conditions related to musculoskeletal disease. Our long term commitment is to reduce the burden of rheumatic disease, increase the quality of life for people with rheumatic disease and ultimately prevent the onset of rheumatic disease and its consequences. The fund distributes about 20 million Swedish krona yearly. In 2015 the Swedish Rheumatism Association published a report on the research that is financed by their fund.

Objectives The report had several objectives 1) to increase the awareness of the Swedish Rheumatism Association's function as a funder of research 2) to interest decision makers in different parts of society in the field 3) to be used for fundraising.

Methods The Swedish Rheumatism Association worked together with a content agency (OTW, Stockholm, Sweden) in the production of the report. The report was based around six major areas of research, rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile arthritis, juvenile idiopathic arthritis, systemic autoimmune rheumatic disease, pain, osteoarthritis and life style. Each theme contained a number of articles on different projects that the Swedish Rheumatism Association has helped to fund. The different articles were written by, or in collaboration with, the principal investigator.

Results The report contains 18 articles on research. It addition, it contains four cases where four patients tell their story. The report was printed and first released to the public during a research seminar arranged by the Swedish Rheumatism Association. The report is also distributed as a PDF via the Swedish Rheumatism Association's webpage and a few of the individual articles have been reworked to suit the web better.

Conclusions The Swedish Rheumatism Association have published a report on the research they finance in order to use it both for lobbying purposes and for fundraising. For the coming year a series of activities will be arranged around the report. For example it will be used at a research seminar that is arranged for young medical students in order to interest them in research as a career path. It will also be used in different meetings with various decision makers as well as for fundraising purpose.

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