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SP0056 Beyond EMEUNET: Development of A European-Wide Network of Young Clinicians from Different Specialties Focusing on Inflammatory Diseases: Experiences from The Young Nephrologists' Platform
  1. A.C. Ferreira,
  2. on behalf of Young Nephrologists' Platform
  1. Department of Nephrology, Centro Hospitalar de Lisboa Central - Hospital de Curry Cabral, Lisbon, Portugal


The Young Nephrologists' Platform (YNP) was developed in 2012 and started its formal activity in 2013. It aims to involve all young professionals with interest in nephrology in all European Renal Association - European Dialysis and Transplant Association (ERA EDTA) activities. It is composed of 9 Board Members: 6 elected members from the ERA EDTA plus 3 ex-officio members, winners of the annual Young Investigator award.

All young (<40 years old) ERA EDTA members can apply to became Ordinary Members, and those are the ones who benefit from YNP activities.

The communication among the members is performed by electronic means, as blast emails, surveys, and using the YNP blog. In these last three years, YNP developed two programs (free membership program and the advisory program), annually prepares the annual session at the European congress and annual CME Courses, and developed a new educational tool – the hot topics.

The Free Membership Program offers 50 ERA EDTA memberships to YNP Ordinary Members, based on two types of accomplishments: the abstract-based type (30 free memberships to the 30 best abstracts submitted to annual ERA EDTA Congress) and the paper-based type (20 free memberships for manuscripts published on ERA EDTA journals by YNP members as 1st or last author).

The Advisory Program is a 9 to 12 month length unique opportunity to exchange experiences and knowledge between two participants, the advisor (an experienced nephrologist, member of ERA EDTA) and the advisee (a young professional, member of YNP).

The YNP sessions at the ERA EDTA annual congress are organized to provide an opportunity for young recognized researchers to show their experiments and results. Every year the Young Investigator Awardee is also invited to lecture during the YNP session.

The YNP CME Courses are focusing different topics each year.

The Hot Topics is seen as a new tool of study, and was developed to help young physicians to gather the latest information on certain topics, but also to interact with renowned experts. On each topic, YNP invites an expert to discuss a recent and relevant paper about the topic, and all YNP members can participate and communicate with the expert, via blog, adding questions or comments. Additionally, YNP members can test their knowledge with the YNP quizzes we provide on each topic.

Disclosure of Interest A. C. Ferreira Grant/research support from: From the Portuguese Society of Nephrology.

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