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SP0053 Experiences from Young Rheumatologists into EMEUNET
  1. A. Moltό,
  2. on behalf of EMEUNET
  1. Rheumatology Department, Hopital Cochin, Paris, France


EMEUNET, the Emerging EUlar NETwork, is a network of young clinicians and researchers in the field of rheumatology in Europe. The principal objectives of EMEUNET are:

(1) To enhance the quality of education among emerging rheumatologists and researchers by, among others:

  • Dedicated content on the EMEUNET Website, facebook and Twitter and regular Newsletters

  • A network of Country Liaisons responsible for communicating EMEUNET projects/activities and documents to the national societies, and particularly to young trainees and researchers in EULAR member countries

  • EMEUNET initiated courses and mentoring projects

  • EMEUNET Observers, recruited yearly from among EMEUNET Working Group Members on the Standing Committees of EULAR

  • Participation in EULAR task forces for the development of EULAR recommendations

  • Sessions proposals for “The Young Rheumatologist” track at the EULAR Annual Congress under the umbrella of the EULAR Standing Committee for Education and Training (ESCET)

(2) To promote research and create collaborations among emerging rheumatologists and researchers by, among others:

  • Establishing a database of young rheumatologists involved in research and of researchers working in the field of rheumatology

  • Supporting exchange of methodologies, technical data and knowledge as well as dissemination of documents between emerging researchers, through the EMEUNET Website, Facebook, and Twitter

  • Organizing together with Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases the peer-review mentoring program

  • Promoting networking at social events held at the EULAR and ACR Annual Congress

  • Organizing mentor/mentee meetings between EMEUNET members and leaders in the field at the EULAR and ACR Annual Congress

None of these objectives could be fulfilled without the work and enthusiasm of the people involved in the 7 subgroups that form the Working Group of EMEUNET: Education, Peer Mentoring, Newsletters, Social Media, Visibility, Country Liaisons and Global Affairs.

EMEUNET subgroups are enthusiastically engaged in several activities, and the list of current and upcoming projects has quickly expanded over the past few months.

With all these initiatives and activities we hope that EMEUNET will continue to be embraced by the young rheumatology community and more and more young clinicians and researchers in rheumatology will become involved in rheumatology education, research and EULAR, making EMEUNET a successful and influential resource that fosters new and long-term collaborative endeavours and ensures that excellence in European Rheumatology and EULAR is maintained.

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