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PARE0012 Revma Challenge 2015 – Give A Helping Glove and Support A Patient with Rheumatoid Arthritis
  1. H. Smucrova
  1. Institute of Rheumatology and Czech Rheumatological Society, Prague 2, Czech Republic


Background Czech League Against Rheumatism plays an important role in promoting rheumatic patients in the Czech Republic. Its activity is aimed at raising awareness about rheumatic diseases, the struggle for full and equal life for people with rheumatic diseases and the establishment of regional clubs of Czech League Against Rheumatism.

Objectives Create a campaign aimed to raise awareness about rheumatoid arthritis - a serious disease that destroys lives insidious way over 100,000 inhabitants of the Czech Republic. When most people understand the nature of rheumatoid arthritis, they can better help the patients manage their daily struggle with the disease.

Methods Creating a campaign… “Give a helping glove and support a patient with rheumatoid arthritis” with the participation of experts from rheumatology and also the participation of personalities from the cultural and scientific life. Rheumatoid arthritis is most often manifested impairment of the joints of the hands. The symbol of the campaign thus became a special glove, developed by scientists from the Institute of Technology in the US, Georgia. These gloves can restrict the movement of the fingers and hand grip strength using metal plates - and faithfully simulate the symptoms of the disease. It can show a healthy people feeling in the shoes of people with rheumatoid arthritis. Creating a video with personalities who use gloves to perform daily activities and leisure activities.

Results The main outcome of the campaign was the debate with an expert on the generation of positioning whitepaper document for timely treatment for patients with rheumatic disease. In response to the campaign has increased the number of members in Czech League Against Rheumatism, an increased number of visitors and fans of the Facebook page Czech League Against Rheumatism. It managed to raise awareness of rheumatic diseases among the general public.

Conclusions This campaign seems to be very useful in influencing the professional and lay public. It is one of the ways how they can be involved in the functioning of the organization.

  1. Czech PARE organization - Czech League Against Rheumatism

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