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AB1043 The Relationship among Pain Sleep Disorders and Smoke in Patients Who Access for The First Time in A Rheumatology Unit
  1. R. Tirri,
  2. R. Ferrara
  1. Reumatologia, Seconda Università degli Studi di Napoli, Napoli, Italy


Background Pain is the most frequent manifestation of musculoskeletal conditions. Sleep disorders are common in a variety of rheumatologic diseases (1). The cigarette smoking is associated with exacerbated pain intensity and related symptoms (2,3).

Objectives This study aimed to investigate the relationship between pain,sleep disorders and current smoker status in an Italian population sample who suffered by muscoloskeletal conditions.

Methods A total of 978 patients were consecutively included from december 2014 to december 2015.Partecipants were assessed by Visual Analogic Scale (VAS) for pain intensity and by questions about sleep duration for sleep disorders (<6 h short sleeper;6–9 h normal sleeper, >9 h long sleeper) Smoker o non smoker current status was determinate by using one question. We considered patients without pain as controls.

Results The mean age of partecipants was 52,7 years in wich most of them (86%) was female. Strong correlation (p=0.0058) was found between high pain, current smoker and short sleeper status. A correlation (p=0,085) was found between high pain, no current smoker and short sleeper status.High pain was strongly associated with short sleeper satus.(p=0,0078)

Conclusions Short sleeper status is very prevalent in patients suffered by a musculoskeletal condition with high pain.Current smoker status is an independent variable.

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