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AB0787 Scales Elderly Patient Global Assessment Applied To Elderly Patients with Hip Fracture
  1. A.M. Gόmez Mosquera1,
  2. R.B. Melero González2,
  3. T. Parajes Vázquez1,
  4. C. Barbazan2,
  5. M. Rodríguez Lόpez2
  1. 1Geriatric Service
  2. 2Rheumatology, Vigo University Hospital (CHUVI), Vigo, Spain


Objectives Analyze the potential relationship between the risk of hip fracture and the results of the scales Elderly Patient Global Rating geriatric patients.

Methods Retrospective and descriptive study of a random series of 120 patients over 75 years attending emergencies in the University Hospital of Vigo in the year 2013 with a diagnosis of hip fracture. Data collected from medical records that refer to the functional, mental and social value at the time of the event are analyzed.

Results Of the 120 patients analyzed in the study, 92 were women (76.6%) and 28 males (23.3%) with a mean age of 84.53 years. Considering the Elderly Patient Global Assessment in the functional area, according to the scale of disability of the Red Cross in terms of ambulation is concerned, we classified our patients in 6 degrees: grade 0 (normal walking) on 30.83% of patients; Group 1 (wanders with some difficulty) 27.5%; Grade 2 (roams using cane or similar) 17.5%; Grade 3 (roams helped at least one person) 10.83%; Grade 4 (roams helped with extreme difficulty, two people) 6.67%; and grade 5 (immobilization in bed or chair) 6.67%). Regarding the mental sphere in 75% of our patients any cognitive decline is not evidence. Only 10% of them were institutionalized at the time of the fracture.

Conclusions In this series of 120 elderly patients a direct relationship between hip fracture by low-impact crash, and functional, mental and social situation is evident; being at greatest percentage of fractures, those elderly who have difficulty walking or in need of a single support, without any cognitive impairment and who live in residence.

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