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AB0769 Assessment of Sequels of poliomyelitis in Hips by 3D-DXA
  1. A. Erra1,
  2. D. Grados1,
  3. L. Lopez-Vives1,
  4. Y. Martelli2,
  5. L. Humbert2,
  6. A. Pasarin3,
  7. N. Allue3,
  8. S. Di Gregorio4,
  9. L. del Rio4
  1. 1rheumatology, Hospital Sant Rafael
  2. 2Galgo medical
  3. 3Rehabilitation, Hospital Sant Rafael
  4. 4Cetir Grup Medic, Barcelona, Spain


Background Polio is a devastating infectious disease that causes paralysis and severe muscular atrophy. When any of the legs is affected, a low aBMD at the corresponding hip is a common finding in DXA measurement.

Objectives to study the influence of polio consequences on volumetric bone density and cortical thickness using the 3D-DXA technology.

Methods 22 patients of both sexes suffering post-polio syndromes (mean age 57±uffering pos were scanned using a GE iDXA system and both proximal femurs were reconstructed using the 3D-DXA technology. 3D-DXA is based on the registration of a 3D statistical model of the femoral shape and density onto the 2D DXA image and provides measurements of volumetric BMD (vBMD) and BMCof the trabecular and cortical bone as well as a quantification of the cortical thickness. The measurements at the leg affected by polio were compared by t-test with those at the non-affected leg.

Results Trabecular BMC was 22% lower (-1.8 g, p<0.01) and cortical BMC 19% lower (-2.9 g, p<0.01) at the polio leg (total hip region). Similar findings were observed for the vBMD: 18% decrease (-0.020 g/cm3, p<0.01) at the trabecular region and a 2.3% decrease for the cortical bone (-0.024 g/cm3, p<0.01). The proximal femur volume was also inferior (-12%, -9 cm3, p<0.01). The cortical thickness was thinner at the polio leg (-12%, -0.2 mm, p<0.01).

Conclusions A long period of decreased of mechanical charges, low muscle strength, postural imbalance has dramatic consequences on bone development. The analyses performed using the 3D-DXA technology indicates an overall impairment of cortical and trabecular BMD and a significant decrease of the cortical thickness.

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