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AB0760 Comparison of Life Quality, Pain Intensity and Fatigue with Patients Suferring from Rheumatoid Arthritis and Knee Osteoarthritis
  1. M.S. Karadzic,
  2. J.V. Jovanovic
  1. Rheumatology, Institute of Reheumatology “Niska Banja”, Nis, Serbia


Background It is well known that chronical rheumatoid diseases have negative impact on life quality. Pain and joint swelling, limited motion, stiffness and deformity from one side, as well as fatigue, poor sleep quality and depression, on the other hand, significantly reduce life quality.

Objectives Comparison of life quality, pain intensity and fatigue intensity of patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and knee osteoarthritis (knee OA).

Methods 150 patients have been examined: 75 patients with RA and 75 patients with knee OA. Groups were homogenous regarding gender and age. Life quality has been estimated by means of questionnaire- Short Form Medical Outcomes Instruments (SF 36) SF 36F-physical sphere and SF 36M-mental sphere. Pain and fatigue intensity was estimated by scale VAS.

Results Average value of SF 36F with patients suferring from RA was 35.62±21.73 in regard to patients suffering from knee OA 61.72±18.85, p<0001. Average value of SF 36M with patients suffering from RA was 44.79±24.18 compared to patients with knee OA having 68.12±20.77, p<0001. Pain intensity with patients with RA was 47.79±24.66 compared to patients with knee OA ranging 46.08±18.82, p=0.622. Fatigue intensity with patients suffering from RA was 48.28±25.64 compared to patients with knee OA having 29.23±15.58, p<0001.

Conclusions Patients with RA have significantly less quality of life and greater fatigue intensity compared to patients with knee OA. Pain intensity was not statistically significantly different. Although patients with RA have poorer values of quality of life, taking into account a big number of patients with knee OA, a significant implication of this disease is recognized. Pain is significant predictor of poor quality of life.

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