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AB0735 The Annual Incidence of Newly Diagnosed Psoriatic Arthritis in Russian Patients with Psoriasis Is Suspected To Be Higher than Officials Report: A Population-Based Study
  1. M. Olesya1,
  2. K. Tatyana2,
  3. S. Vladimir1,
  4. N. Evgeniy2
  1. 1Federal Research Institute of Health Organization and Informatics of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation
  2. 2Research Institute of Rheumatology n. a. V. A. Nasonova, Moscow, Russian Federation


Background Psoriatic arthritis (PsA) occurs in 6.2–42% of patients (pts) with psoriasis (PsO). The results range widely among different populations due to some difficulties in performing epidemiological studies, heterogeneous clinical presentations of PsA, and the lack of world accepted criteria and questionnaires and low awareness of the risk PsA in PsO pts among dermatologists.

Objectives to estimate the mean annual incidence of PsA in Russian pts with PsO according to medical statistics record and to compare with direct interview results of pts with PsO in dermatologic clinics across Russian Federation.

Methods Analysis of the number of newly diagnosed PsA among the adult and children above 14 years Russian pts with PsO coding in official medical records as L40.5+ by International Statistical Classification of Disease and Related Health Problems (ICD-10) between 2009 - 2013 years. 1091 pts with different clinical types of PsO at the same age were called to the dermatological offices to be direct interviewed by dermatologists and responded to follow questions: Do you have any joint pain? Do you have PsA confirmed by rheumatologists? The mean annual incidence of PsA in PsO pts were calculated by formula.

Results Between 2009 - 2013 the mean annual incidence of newly diagnosed PsA in Russian pts with PsO estimated at 2.5% or 1.9/100.000 cases for whole Russian population. Among 1091 interviewed PsO pts in dermatologic offices 27.9% of pts have joint complaints and 8% of pts have PsA confirmed by rheumatologists.

Conclusions The mean annual incidence of PsA in the Russian pts with PsO is lower than reported before in other populations due to under diagnosis, heterogeneous clinical presentations of PsA and coding problems in dermatological clinics. Iinterdisciplinary collaboration with rheumatologists is needed.

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