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AB0718 Is There A Risk of Serious Rhythm and Conduction Disturbances, Requiring The Installation of A Pacemaker, in Patients with Spondyloarthritis?
  1. S. Lapshina1,2,
  2. M. Mangusheva1,2,
  3. F. Chuvashaeva2,
  4. A. Nigmatyanova1,
  5. S. Eremin2,
  6. L. Myasoutova1,3
  1. 1Kazan State Medical University
  2. 2Republic Clinical Hospital
  3. 3Clinical Hospital # 7, Kazan, Russian Federation


Background There is a lot of conflicting data about the defeat of the cardiovascular system in patients with spondyloarthritis (SpA).

Objectives Rate the frequency of pacemakers setting in patients with SpA compared with the frequency of pacemakers implanted in the population

Methods A database of patients with established heart pacemakers in 2013–2014 years, residing in the territory of the Tatarstan Republic was analyzed, the results correlated with the number of population. The frequency of cardiac pacemakers establishing the Tatarstan Republic is 2 per 10,000 population. The population of Tatarstan Republic in 2014 - 3,855,258 people, of whom at the age of 18 to 50 years - 1,831,719 people. 2958 patients with SpA are observed in Rheumatology clinics in Tatarstan, 2355 from them - with ankylosing spondylitis (AS).

Results Young working age patients with implanted pacemakers without heart disease history were selected from the database. Those aged 18 to 50 years - 123 people (0.7 per 10,000 population), of whom 59 (47.9%) had congenital heart disease and conduction abnormalities, 5 (4.1%) patients had rheumatic disorders, (2 (1.6%) - a history of acute rheumatic fever, 3 (2.4%) - SpA. Among patients with an established diagnosis of SpA, AS was established in 1 person, in 2 diagnosis of SpA was set retrospectively: in the history of the disease low back pain was found and further examination was conducted. Thus, the frequency of cardiac pacemakers implanted in patients with SpA in Tatarstan is 0.1% or 10 cases per 10,000 patients, and 0.04% or 4 cases per 10,000 in patients with AS.

Conclusions In patients with SpA there is a risk of serious rhythm and conduction disturbances, in some cases requiring the establishment of a permanent pacemaker. The frequency of pacemaker implantation is higher than in the whole population.

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