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OP0139-PARE The First Serious Game Edubiot: A Modern Therapeutic Educational Tool for Adult Patients with Chronic Inflammatory Rheumatic Disease, Treated with Biotherapy
  1. L. Grange1,2,
  2. J.D. Cohen3,
  3. S. Trope4,
  4. D. Poivret5,
  5. C. Bonnet6,
  6. B. Allenet7,8,
  7. C. Stadelmann9,
  8. G. Chales10,11,
  9. J.N. Dachicourt12
  1. 1University Clinic for Rheumatology, Locomotion, Rehabilitation Cluster, Hôpital Sud, CHU Grenoble, Grenoble
  2. 2President, AFLAR, Paris
  3. 3University Clinic for Rheumatology, CHU Montpellier
  4. 4Director, ANDAR, Montpellier
  5. 5Service de Rhumatologie, CH Metz Thionville, METZ
  6. 61University Clinic for Rheumatology, CHU Limoges, Limoges
  7. 7University Clinic of Pharmacy, CHU Grenoble
  8. 8ThEMAS TIMC-IMAG (UMR CNRS 5525), University of Grenoble-Alpes, Grenoble
  9. 9Member, AFLAR, Paris
  10. 10University Clinic for Rheumatology, Locomotion, Rehabilitation Cluster, Hôpital Sud, CHU Rennes, RENNES
  11. 11Vice President
  12. 12Director, AFLAR, Paris, France


Background Democratization of biotherapy for chronic inflammatory rheumatic disease has created new challenges in terms of therapeutic education for patient. Our goal has been to create the first modern serious game for adult patients with chronic inflammatory rheumatic disease treated with biotherapy.

Objectives Our specification is based on the minimum self-care safety skills, a patient with a biotherapy must have acquired (issued by the SFR- Therapeutic Education section)1.

Methods An expert board was formed, with 5 rheumatologists, 1 pharmacist and 2 patients. Each game scenario was tested by patients.

It helps to promote the self-care safety skills in biotherapy by creating sequences increasingly complicated during the progress of the game. A “guardian” mode with password access, unlocks all the scenarios available in the game for use in a group of educational validated program. This free game will be available online on An update is planned after launching the application for the increment of new scenarios play.

A statistics module is also set up to quantify many indicators, such as number of players, the most frequent errors. These Statistics can guide the objectives of a therapeutic educational program patient at the individual level and the game will provide national statistics on the strengths and weaknesses of the level of knowledge of “patient players” in biotherapy.

Results We opted for a video game called Serious Game. The principle is that the patient player must evolve an avatar having chronic inflammatory rheumatic disease treated by biotherapy. Different events disrupt the daily management of its biotherapy (fever, infections, pregnancy, surgery, travel etc.).

The player must take the right decisions and allowing it to gain or lose points on his influential level of quality of life, influenced in terms of its decisions and actions. 5 themes have been made (fever and infection management, parenting desire, surgical and dental care, information, prevention, and logistics and injection technique).

Conclusions This is the first serious game dealing with the management of a biological therapy in adult patient treated by a biotherapy in France. A study of its impact on the level of knowledge of patients and the most common mistakes will be investigated after broadcast. It is the result of two years of a unique collaboration between two associations of patient and French rheumatologists to offer a unique and innovative patient education tool.

  1. Gossec L & col. Safety of biologics: elaboration and validation of a questionnaire assessing patients' self-care safety skills: the BioSecure questionnaire. An initiative of the French Rheumatology Society Therapeutic Education section. Joint Bone Spine. 2013;80(5):471–623.

Acknowledgement This serious game was created and produced in partnership with the ANDAR association and with the Institutional support of laboratories AbbVie

Disclosure of Interest None declared

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