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AB0427 Health-Related Quality of Life in Thai Lupus Patients. Comparison of The European Quality of Life Scale (EQ-5D) and The Lupus Quality of Life Questionnaire (LupusQol)
  1. A. Koolvisoot1,
  2. N. Thongthap2
  1. 1Medicine, Siriraj Hospital
  2. 2Phrajomklao Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand


Background SLE mostly affects the working-age population. The disease burden has a significant impact to the quality of life.

Objectives To assess the HRQoL in SLE patients by using the EQ-5D and the LupusQoL and to evaluate their correlation.

Methods 248 patients were recruited. Demographic and clinical data including the SLEDAI were collected. We also evaluated the patients' preference in terms of the language, the precision of questions, and time consume. The correlation was examined by Pearson's correlation.

Results 94.6% of patients were female. Mean age was 37.5±11.9 with the median disease duration of 5.1 years. The mean SLEDAI score was 3.6±0.4. The mean of EQ-5D health value and VAS scores were 0.65±0.20 and 78.1±20.2. Most patients reported that SLE had mild effect to their health status. 28.1 and 18.3% of patients reported moderate to severe problems in the mental components of pain/discomfort and anxiety/depression. The mean LupusQoL score was 78.9±16.3. Both EQ-5D health value and VAS were significantly correlated with all LupusQOL domains, strongly correlated with physical health and pain but poorly correlated with planning and body image. The patients preferred to use the EQ-5D over LupusQoL.

Conclusions HRQoL in most SLE patients was generally good. The EQ-5D score was significantly correlated with the LupusQoL score particularly in the domains of physical health and pain. The EQ-5D is a simple and more convenient tool to assess the general health and can be used as a brief evaluation of lupus-specific HRQoL in daily practice.

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