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SP0035 Development of Eular Standardised Procedures for Rheumatology Ultrasound Imaging (RHUS)
  1. I. Möller
  1. Instituto Poal de Reumatologia, Barcelona, Spain


The objectives of this EULAR Project are:

To update the technical requirements for performing musculoskeletal ultrasound (MSUS) of the essential lesions present in rheumatic diseases accessible by MSUS including patient position, initial probe placement, scanning method and US landmarks.

To develop procedures for additional MSUS assessment of additional musculoskeletal lesions/ abnormalities related to rheumatic diseases accessible to ultrasound evaluation.

To develop procedures for ultrasound scanning of non-musculoskeletal anatomic regions of importance in rheumatologic practice that are readily accessible to ultrasound evaluation (i.e. large vessels, salivary glands, ligaments, and peripheral nerves).

The creation of a concise illustrated manual of these procedures including internet access to video-clips accessible to all with interest in incorporating RHUS in their practice.

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