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Abdirama D, A22

Abdirama D, A58

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Abdollahi-Roodsaz S, A4

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Albrecht I, A70

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Alexanderson H, A64

Alfredsson L, A19

Allen G, A43

Allen G, A43

Allen RA, A58

Allwood JW, A8

Altankova I, A32

Alvarez D, A54

Alves CH, A27

Alves CHF, A35

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Amara K, A23

Amara K, A24

Amara K, A27

Amara K, A28

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Amrouche K, A29

Anderson AE, A6

Anderson AE, A52

Andrés Cerezo L, A36

Andrés Cerezo L, A79

Andreoli L, A23

Anquetil F, A14

Antanaviciute A, A49

Aradi P, A26

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Armaka M, A68

Aronova ES, A59

Artacho A, A34

Ascone G, A5

Ascone G, A6

Askling J, A35

Askling J, A79

Aslam A, A49

Asmawidjaja PS, A25

Asmawidjaja PS, A27

Asmawidjaja PS, A35

Avenel G, A14

Bălănescu A, A74

Bălănescu A, A75

Böttcher M, A78

Baboolal T, A39

Baboolal T, A39

Backhaus B, A49

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Baleva M, A32

Bankó ZS, A22

Banos A, A50

Barbarroja N, A54

Bardua M, A24

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Barone F, A36

Barone F, A58

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Barrett JH, A54

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Bart G, A60

Barton A, A52

Barton A, A54

Barton A, A66

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Baumgart S, A51

Baxter E, A49

Baxter EW, A58

Beckmann D, A57

Beckmann D, A78

Beckmann D, A78

Beermann S, A2

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Benaglio F, A46

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Bennink MB, A75

Berg L, A67

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Bertolo M, A51

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Bessis N, A56

Bettenworth D, A15

Beyaert R, A5

Bigenzahn J, A49

Bijlsma JW, A13

Bijlsma JW, A52 …

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