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A2.01 The expansion of CD25highIL-10highFOXP3high B regulatory cells is in association with sle disease activity
  1. E Toubi,
  2. Z Vadasz
  1. Division of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, Bnai-Zion Medical Center, Haifa, Israel


B regulatory cells (Bregs) belong to a subgroup of activated B cells tasked with maintaining self-tolerance and preventing autoimmunity. While sharing similar regulatory mechanisms such as IL-10 dependency, they also defer in exhibiting their suppressive effects by expressing Fas-Ligand, TGF-beta and PDL-1. In this study we show, for the first time, the expansion of CD25highFoxP3high Bregs in systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) patients compared to healthy individuals (18.5 ± 3.052% vs 11.0 ± 1.654%, p < 0.001, respectively). This expansion was also shown to correlate with SLE disease activity (r = 0.75). In addition, CD25highFoxP3high Bregs were also IL-10high expressing, and further expanded when stimulated with semaphorin3A. In sum we show that CD25highFoxP3high are an additional subtype of Bregs, involved in regulating SLE disease activity. Being IL-10 expressing, we may assume that they are one of the sources of increased serum IL-10 in SLE patients. Further studies are required in order to assess the relation between high serum IL-10 and CD25highFoxp3high Breg cells.

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