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SAT0629 Diagnostic Performance of High Resolution Trans-Thotacic Lung Ultrasonography in Pulmonary Involvement of Connective Lung Disease in Treatment with Cyclophosphamide
  1. S. Tropea1,
  2. M. Bentivegna1,
  3. I. De Andres2,
  4. A. Russo2,
  5. P. Santonocito2,
  6. E. Battaglia2
  1. 1Rete reumatologica ASP 7, Ospedale Busacca, SCICLI
  2. 2U.O. Rheumatology, ARNAS “Garibaldi”, Catania, Italy


Background Interstitial involvement is a common manifestation in patient with connective tissue disorders,

Objectives The aim of our study is to investigate the utility of modified TTUS scoring system compared con HRCT findings of in patients with connective tissue disease with pulmonary involvement in treatment with cyclophosphamide

Methods 21 patients with a diagnosis of connective lung involvement in treatment with cyclophosphamide were examined with high resolution transthoracic ultrasonography for detecting of ultrasonography comet tail signe as a ultrasonographyc marker of lung involvement in interstitial in connective disease at time 0 and after 6 and 12 months after initiation of treatment with cyclophosphamide and the results of them were compared with high resolution computed tomography as gold standard method for diagnosis of lung involvemeant in this patients

Results In comparation with HRCT as gold standard method, the sensitivity, specificity, positive and negative predictive value of TTUS was 75%, 89%, 95% and 52% respectively.

Conclusions Modified TTUS can be useful imaging modality in the evalutation of even early stages of pulmonary involvement in connective lung disaease


  1. Diagnostic Perfomance of lung ultrasound in the diagnosis of pneumonia: a bivariate meta-analysis Qian-Jing Hu*, Yong-Chun Shen*, Liu-Qun Jia, Shu-Jin Guo, Hong-Yu Long, Cai-Shuang Pang, Ting Yang, Fu-Qiang Wen Int J Clin Exp Med 2014;7(1):115-121

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Disclosure of Interest None declared

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