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SP0027 One for All – Patient Research Partners Involved in Disseminating Eular Recommendations Among Belgium Patients
  1. I. De Keyser
  2. on behalf of Patient Research Partners Flanders, Belgium
  1. ReumaNet vzw, Mol, Belgium


Background EULAR encourages the development of recommendations for management of RMD's. These recommendations offer valuable information for health caretakers to optimize the care. ReumaNet, the Flemish platform for patients with RMD's, believes the EULAR recommendations could also be a reliable source of information for patients and their environment, when translated and re-written in an understandable language. As the information will be easy to find, understand and use, the impact of the guidelines will be bigger than what it is today.

Objectives Informed patients have a higher compliance to treatment. The patients' version of the EULAR Recommendations enhance the level of information available and increase the possibilities of self-management. Health professionals have easy access to the guidelines, to improve their care of RMD patients.

Method 18 Flemish patients with RMD's were trained to be partners in research. These people got familiar with the EULAR recommendations and tried to get to a maximum dissemination of the valuable information. A first selection of fifteen recommendations was made. Members of the ReumaNet-Werk Onderzoek and other experts went through the publications, summarized and translated them. The total group controlled language, practical use and other rising issues. The task force got the help of HP's to guarantee quality and make sure the translations are a correct reflection of the original documents. In phase two, academics were contacted to review and judge the quality of the documents. Then the work was made available for the general public via website and social media. This method asks for a good collaboration between patients, health professionals and academics.

Conclusion High quality information is spread among the Belgian RMD patient community, using the EULAR expertise. Everyone has free access to the Flemish lay versions, patients have the possibility to enhance their knowledge about their disease at their own speed.

This project will continue in the future, as ARD now also provides lay versions of recently published articles. Flemish patients will be able to read them in their own language, ReumaNet will take on the leading role in the translation process.

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