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SP0234 Hip OA: Does it Require Specific Treatments
  1. S. Bierma-Zeinstra
  1. General practice/ Orthopedics, Erasmus University Medical Centre Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Netherlands


Although many guidelines for treatment of OA are released for hip and knee OA together, they emphasize that their recommendation mainly are based on research in knee OA because evidence for specifically hip OA is scarce. For the same reason other OA guidelines decided to separate their recommendations for treatment for hip and knee OA. For hip OA there only is evidence for symptomatic effectiveness of exercise, and of oral NSAIDs, while for other usual treatments the evidence is limited or absent based the number of studies. In addition to some differences in treatment effects between hip OA and knee OA, the difference in risk factors and OA phenotypes will be discussed during this session, as well as some diagnostic difficulties in hip OA.

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