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SP0219 The Heart of the Matter. A Critical Evaluation of Health Economics from A Patient Perspective
  1. M. De Wit
  1. Metamedica, VU University Medical Centre, Amsterdam, Netherlands


In times of economic constraints, cost effectiveness studies on health interventions become more important for health authorities and payers. For this reason EULAR included in 2014 the collection of data on cost effectiveness in the new standardized operational procedures when developing disease management recommendations. Since then recommendation task forces are expected to make cost effectiveness an integral part of the SLR. This new requirement put patients and their organizations for an ethical dilemma: Till recently treatments and interventions were assessed by patients for safety and effectiveness reasons. They raise the question to what extent cost effectiveness arguments belong to the decision making process in the consultation room. Do individual patients and individual physicians have a responsibility to include these arguments in the discussion of pro's and cons when considering a treatment change?

In addition, patient organizations do accept the importance of cost effectiveness data in the process of health technology assessment but argue whether they are appropriate in the process of developing management recommendations. Here, the common goal should be to determine, based on the best available efficacy evidence, the most optimal pathway to manage the disease. In this presentation the challenges of incorporating the patient voice in health economics as well as the use of economic arguments in the consultation between patients and health care professionals will be discussed from a patient perspective.

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