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FRI0088 Prevalence and Characteristics of Traditional Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Rheumatoid Arthrtis in a Black African Population
  1. M. Doualla1,
  2. F. Kemta2
  1. 1Rheumatology
  2. 2General Hospital Douala, Douala, Cameroon


Background Traditional cardiovascular (CV) risk factors are more prevalent in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients and are associated with increase morbidity and mortality

Objectives To determine the prevalence of traditional CV risk factors in RA patients in a Sub Saharan black population

Methods Cross sectional hospital based study, including RA patients fufilling ACR /EULAR 2010 classification criteria recruted in a tertiary health care Rheumatology clinic in Douala Cameroon. Disease activity (DAS) was assessed using the 28 joints count score. Traditional cardiovascular risk factors included arterial hypertension, obesity, diabetis, dyslipidemia, smoking. CV risk was estimated using Framingham Score

Results 125 patients (101 female) were included; mean age was 47,86±2,28 (21-82) years and mean RA duration 4.1 (0.8 – 12) years; DAS was low in 1.6%, moderate in 16.8%, and high in 81.6%.

81 (64.8%) patients presented at least one CV risk factors: HTN in 43 (34.4%), obesity in 31 (24.8%), diabetis in 15 (12%), dyslipidemia in 10 (8%) and smoking in 8 (6.4%). High LDL cholesterol was found in 3 (8.1%) and low HDL cholesterol in 2 (5.4%).

Mean Framingham score was 10,7±2,1 (0-21); mean estimated cardiovascular risk at ten years was 8,8±2,1% (0-21), among these, 17 (35,4%) patients had a CV risk ≥10%. There was a significant association between HTN and age (OR =0,06; IC 95% =0,01-0,22; p=0,00) but no association was found with disease activity, duration, and type of treatment

Conclusions CV risk factors are frequent in RA patients in Cameroon

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